Kelly Lowery, PsyD

Targeted Assessment

There are times where a child may benefit from a targeted evaluation to help better understand functioning in a specific area and develop an individualized approach to intervention. Dr. Lowery has expertise in the following targeted assessments:


For children who are struggling to develop reading skills, assessment of these skills includes: foundations of reading, single word reading/decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, spelling, and written expression.


Executive Functioning:

Executive functioning is a term that refers to the cognitive skills needed for the
adaptive control of behavior.  In general, executive functioning requires both self-regulation of attention, emotion, and other internal processes; as well as organization, planning, self-monitoring, and abstraction in managing novel or unstructured tasks. Evaluation of these skills will provide information about areas of strength and challenge that will guide intervention efforts. 


Assistive Technology:

Increasingly students with learning challenges are utilizing assistive technology, such as the iPad, in the classroom. These tools can help with remediation of skills, as well as provide accommodation so that a student may better access grade-level curriculum.  An evaluation in this area includes a review of records, accessing a student’s capacity to use specific tools, and matching recommendations that will “best fit” needs and preferences.